Managing Director Kunstfort

Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen (Art Fortress at the village of Vijfhuizen) is a centre for contemporary art and is part of the Stelling van Amsterdam. This historic defense line around the Dutch capitol dates from the late 19th century, and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique character. The village Vijfhuizen is situated inbetween the Cities of Amsterdam and Haarlem.

The fortress harbours exhibition rooms, studios and a residency for professional artists, as well as a restaurant with meeting rooms. As director Holger Nickisch was responsible for both daily general management of the site and for the artistic programming of the Kunstfort foundation.

During Nickisch’ management, Kunstfort expanded its operation and gained a much greater public significance. By 2015, Kunstfort welcomed over 26.000 visitors to see the three major exhibitions, 4 minor exhibitions and a number of (art) events, including an open air cinema in late summer. A total of 50 paid employees and volunteers run the venue, realising a turnover between 500.000-600.000 euros.


Holger is the enthusiastic director of the’ Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen’, who has many ideas to improve the visibility and the experience of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘The Defence Line of Amsterdam’’, of which the Kunstfort is a part.

- Nanette van Goor (2014), program manager of The Defense Line of Amsterdam.