Trailer Park

The exhibition ‘Trailer Park’ offered the visitors the opportunity to get informed about the artistic phenomena ‘mobile units’ in an active way: with temporarily works and non-site-specific interventions in public spaces in the polder around the Kunstfort.

Part of the program was the first summer academy organized by Erik Hagoort and Holger Nickisch with students from different art academies, amateur-artists, the participating artists and experts as Jeroen Boomgaard, Nils van Beek among others.

Participants: Erik van Lieshout, Jurgen Bey, Kevin van Braak, Annechien Meier, Tilmann Meyer-Faje, Roseboom / Weemen, Cascoland, Hermelinde Hergenhahn, Mesterhazy-Pereszlenyi, Lehner and Gunther Architects.




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