Van Zwaarden en Ploegen

Trenchart and Contemporary Art
“They shall beat their swords into plowshares and learn their spears into pruning hooks. No nation raises the sword against another war and they do not.” – Holy Bible: Isaiah 2:3
Trench Art is the generic term for war memorabilia made by soldiers. You can think of vases and objects from brass shell cases, but there were also other materials and remnants of war materials processed. Trench Art objects refer in all their simplicity and beauty to the tension and tragedy of a war situation.
The exhibition Van Zwaarden en Ploegen was built around a selection from the private collection of Mr. S.F. Schütz.
The meaning of Trench Art was enhanced and updated by the contemporary work of Guda Koster and Lisa Oppenheim. Through slides, street fashion and sculptures these two artists made, in their own way, a statement about war and peace. In addition, the emerging talent Martin Peerdeman contributed a copy of a big cannon to the exhibition.
Curator: Holger Nickisch in collaboration with Saskia Monshouwer

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