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Blow Up!

The Blow up! exhibition revolved around ‘inflatable art’. The ‘inflatable art’ has its origins in the inflatable architecture, which was developed at the beginning of the 20th century out of the necessity to provide quickly built housing for the army […]


The first Ringbiënnale festival has surpassed the expectations of the organizers and pleasantly surprised the audience. “I got a picture of the Haarlemmermeer polder, it is more than straightforward. If you walk on the Ringdijk one can see huge surprises.” […]

Nieuwe Domeinen

In May and June 2004 the manifestation Nieuwe Domeinen took place in the Staatsliedenburt in Amsterdam. It was the first time that such an event had been organized in the field of art, urban planning and architecture in this neighbourhood. […]

Zidane’s Melancholie

Zidane’s Melancholy was the title of a site-specific exhibition project using new multi-media work by seven international artists to interrogate and test the museum as an institution, inside and outside. The artistic approach was centered around the history of the […]

Fransje Killaars: Front to Back

In Autumn 2012 Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen showed the Front to Back solo exhibition of artist Fransje Killaars. Killaars enjoys international fame with her large-scale installations, often made up of brightly colored textiles.

Artwalk Amsterdam

Artwalk, founded by Holger Nickisch, was an artist’s initiative that specialised in projects for the public space, art in neighbourhoods or art in the streets. Artwalk operated as a point of convergence where current developments in contemporary art, context-specific social […]


Commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam Holger Nickisch transformed in Nieuw West (PUNT) a wasteland closed to the Dijkgraafplein into a temporary meeting point for the multicultural residents of that neighborhood. In collaboration with the theater maker Christiaan Mooij they […]

Atelier Malkovich

Atelier Malkovich presented the results of a competition among architects, architecture schools, artists and designers : ‘Design an innovative and functional studio building that fits the challenging position of a contemporary artist today.’ The eight winning maquettes were built in […]

Dolly, you say you want a revolution

The project consisted of a group of artists who committed themselves to a better social en ecological environment. Questions about nature and agriculture in relation to the urbanization of the Haarlemmermeer polder were the starting points for this exhibition: What […]

In Orbit

Visual artist Rob Sweere seduced visitors to participate in his contemplative and for use designed work. Sweere became known for his project of global proportions called Silent Sky Project, whose implementation had taken place in the particular context of the […]