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Humboldt Forum

The Humboldt Forum is a large-scale museum project in Berlin, Germany, which has its seat in the reconstructed Berlin Palace, located on the famous Museum Island. The Forum has its roots in the ancient Prussian Art Chamber (Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz), […]

Director Fort bij Vijfhuizen

Fort bij Vijfhuizen (Fortress at the village of Vijfhuizen) is a cultural heritage site repurposed as a centre for contemporary art. The fortress dating from 1897 is part of the Stelling van Amsterdam, a historic defense line around the Dutch […]

Boardmember Stichting Nieuw en Meer

Foundation Nieuw en Meer is a large studio complex on the outskirts of Amsterdam . The extensive grounds of 3.7 acres are sandwiched between the west side of Amsterdam and Schiphol airport. On a floor space of approx. 9000m2 are […]